Gallatin R-V School District

A message from the Superintendent's Office:

As many of you know the last day of school was scheduled to be May 24th which is the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. However, since we missed another day of school that date was pushed to May 28 which is the Tuesday after Memorial Day. I simply do not like that option so I decided to get a little feedback from some staff members and apparently I was not alone. Therefore, we will now have a 12:30 early release on March 22 instead of having the day off. This will allow us to end the school year before Memorial Day as long as we don't receive another stretch of bad weather. I believe this is the best option for our staff and our students. It will provide us with an educational day in March instead of a not so educational day at the end of May! This also helps us keep more time in between the end of the regular school year and Summer School. Thanks for your support and flexibility!
Bryan Copple